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Myth VII – We can’t build Renewables fast enough only nuclear power plants can be built quickly enough to prevent climate change

This is another statement that is simply divorced from any semblance of reality. Currently new reactor construction globally is outpaced by the rate at which old reactors are turned off (average reactor age worldwide is 25 years with many in … Continue reading

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Myth VI – there’s plenty of fissile material in the world

Unfortunately, the truth is that the world has relatively limited stockpiles of Uranium ore. Figures from the WNA (World Nuclear Energy Agency) suggest 80 years of reserves (5.4 Mt) with current consumption rates (68,000 Tons/yr) and extraction techniques if a … Continue reading

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Myth V – But we can’t rely on renewables, because of their intermittence nature

While certainly it is true that some renewables sources have problems with intermittency, notably wind or PV this isn’t a problem with all renewable sources. Certain renewable sources, such as hydro, tidal, Solar CSP or geothermal boast much higher capacity … Continue reading

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Myth IV – Nuclear power is cheaper than any of the alternatives

The above statement is true…if you swap the words “any of the alternatives” and “nuclear power” around! The nuclear industry will often quote figures comparable to natural gas powered stations, however the critics of nuclear energy say that its true … Continue reading

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Myth III – Radiation isn’t that dangerous at all, it’s over exaggerated by the media, why the impact of Chernobyl was no worse than a few dozen chest x-rays each, and TMI was no worse than you’d get eating a banana

While on the one hand it is certainly true that if say the word “nuclear” or “radiation” to some people and they go running around in a complete tizzy, the media in particular. The recent discovery of radioactive iodine (which … Continue reading

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Myth II – Only 56 people were killed by the Chernobyl accident

Firstly lets get our facts straight the people whom we can definitely say died as a result of Chernobyl is 28, not 56 (keep you’re lies consistent guys!). Although this statement is true, it’s a case of weasel words; in … Continue reading

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Myth I – The Fukushima accident is a “Triumph” of nuclear technology, it proves it works safely

This is one of their newest one and it’s clear that a couple of the PR guru’s mentioned earlier are now in full out spin mode. And who could blame them? Even thought the full consequences of the accident are … Continue reading

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