Debunking the Great Reagan myth

Something I put up on my personal blog regarding Reagan, which is perhaps topical given recent events in the US elections. Of interest as regards energy matters would be Myth #1 relating to the real reason behind the collapse of the soviet union (which had little to do with Reagan) and myth #9 which relates to the Reagan Adm. attitude towards climate change (while certainly no environmentalist he was certainly not a climate change denier or anti-science).


A central founding myth of the Tea Party is the legacy of Ronald Reagan. It is one of the reasons cited for supporting Trump as they see him as another Reagan (although its worth noting that not even Reagan’s own son agrees with this one). Around Reagan, or Thatcher in the UK, cults of personality have grown that border on those of many a despot. Hence why I think it would be prudent and timely to de-construct this myth and expose the realities of the Reagan Presidency.

20110210 Figure 1: Reagan has developed something of a cult of personality that ignores the realities of his reign

Myth #1 – Reagan brought down the Soviet Union

Reality: Reagan wasn’t even in office when the Soviet Union collapsed and there is very little evidence that his policies helped push it over the edge. Economic miss-management and internal opposition offer more…

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4 Responses to Debunking the Great Reagan myth

  1. dyllofton says:

    Really loved this article. I encourage you to read my article on the failure of Reaganomics! I pretty much pick apart the whole economic concept an expose it’s flaws. Nice read!

  2. neilrieck says:

    To learn more, be sure to read the book:
    Tear Down This Myth: The Right-Wing Distortion of the Reagan Legacy

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