The Consequences of Brexit



I was away on holiday during the vote, I mean I go away for 3 weeks and you lot exit the EU, WTF! Oddly enough I was outside the EU in Norway, basking in land of milk and honey the leave camp promised us?…well actually no.

The Norwegians couldn’t understand why Britain left the EU. They have to pay to be a member of the EEA (one of them was moaning to me about its considerable costs) yet not gain any of the benefits of being an EU member. The main reason why Norway is not in the EU boils down to fisheries. Not because they fear EU regulations, actually they feel the EU doesn’t regulate fisheries enough.

But at least the Norwegians have control over their borders right? No! There are more migrants per capita in Norway than in the UK, about 25% more in fact and they…

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  1. neilrieck says:

    Lots of comparisons lately between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump (both born in New York, both sport unkempt hair; both play fast and loose with the facts). Johnson was one of many people who liked to tell Brits that L350 million was being sent to the EU each week but neglected to mention that +200 was coming back in the other direction. On a different note, the BBC reported recently that ~ 100 Japanese companies did light-to-medium manufacturing in the UK only to access the larger European market with zero tariffs. Many of these locations voted LEAVE and I wonder if they had been told that they would still retain tariff-free access to the EU after leaving the EU. I heard this was true in Sunderland which hosts a Nissan factory. It is a different story in the London Financial (which accounts for ~ 10% of the GDP of Britain) which will see much of the work move to Frankfurt. Just like the years under Thatcher, I suspect the middle class will feel the brunt of the pain.

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