Austerity off – but not the pain


Boris has suggested in a recent article that we should think of the positives of brexit. Well okay, for starters he’s not going to be PM, his two Bullingdon buddies Cameron & Osborne will also be joining him in the job’s centre soon enough, Farage has gone, oh and Osborne appears to have finally thrown his toys out of the pram and declared that the policy of austerity is over. Given the uncertain political waters the UK is now entering into both he and the likely new PM (Teresa May) have accepted that they cannot met the planned fiscal targets (of course we’ve known that for sometime) so he’s going to give up even trying to cut the deficit.


Of course the reality is that the Tory policy of austerity was always smoke and mirrors. The reality is that the chancellor’s policy flies in the face of Keynesian economics

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