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Aviation: the green stuff – coming soon to an airfield near you

Solar Impulse recently completed the first ever circumnavigation using a solar powered aircraft. So it might be an appropriate time to review the options as regards alternative fuelled aircraft. A long standing assumption of many has been that given the very … Continue reading

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Non Rio news

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Brexit guarantee Reacting to the wide scale dismay over possible funding, the UK government has committed about £6 billion a year to guarantee post-EU funding in areas such as farming and scientific research. But critics argue it…

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The future of work

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Many from working class areas of Britain voted for Brexit because they fear their jobs are under threat from migrants. Similarly support for Trump has been growing in parts of the US rust belt. And there’s a…

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Hinkley C update – Chaos and TINA

Well it would appear that Theresa May, for all her faults, is the sort of person who reads the small print of any document before signing it. The UK was on the verge of signing the deal with EDF to … Continue reading

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