Now everyone’s been Trumped



So its Trump, how can 60 million people be that dumb! Many are trying to put the spin on it, that it was working class Americans in rust belt states fed up with how they are treated in Washington that swung the election. Well no, the polling data (both before and after the election) shows the vast majority of Trump voters are middle class or upper class whites who generally have a better than average income. The majority of low income whites still voted for Hillary. Certainly some more of them than did vote for Trump than would normally be expected in an election, but in theory this was cancelled out (to some degree) by an increased level of turn out and voting for Hillary by ethnic minority voters.

Indeed its worth remembering that she carried the popular vote, Trump carried the key swing states by only a…

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  1. neilrieck says:

    I consider rank-and-file Europeans to be smarter than Americans, so if Britain was convinced to vote for BREXIT then it seemed entirely possible that Americans could vote for Trump. Now only 56% of eligible voters cast a vote in the most recent American election which means than 44% stayed home for one reason or another. Then there is the psychology of the voters (see Chris Mooney’s book: the Republican Brain) where we now know that people on the right think differently than people on the left (BTW, there is no right-vs-wrong here, just different). One of his claims is that Republicans play politics as a team sport. So if both candidates are suspect (and this was the case with Clinton and Trump), the majority of Republicans will “vote their party”. Meanwhile when people on the left find both candidates suspect, they are more likely to vote for an alternative (which they did). Look at the number of people who voted for the Green Party or the Libertarian Party. BTW, “civics” has not been taught in many American secondary schools for a long time now. This has left a large number of poorly educated Americans to believe Libertarian is another “left of center” party (because it contains the letters “Liber”). These people also don’t realize that the American system is not a parliament which means that voting for a third party candidate is basically a wasted vote (in a parliamentary system your third party candidates can form a minority coalition which might have some effect). Whoever started the TEA-party already knew this so they became a faction working within the Republican party). Something else is at work here: The DNC basically stole the democratic nomination away from Sanders (a party outsider) to give it to Clinton (a party insider) even though Sanders was the people’s choice as far as the democratic primaries were concerned). When this came out during some of the Wikileaks revelations, the DNC employed smoke-and-mirrors to blame it on Russian hackers (since Wikileaks is only a whistle-blower site, the information could have just as easily come from a concerned American). Meanwhile, Republican insiders viewed outsider Trump as someone who was stealing their party. They didn’t like it but they let his RNC nomination stand. So there you have it. From a 10,000 foot view, the Republicans respect the principles of democracy more than the Democrats. Makes you wonder what might have happened if DNC outsider “Sanders” would have been allowed to go up against RNC outsider “Trump”.

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