The sound of silence


Trump’s (racist, illegal, unconstitutional and utterly pointless) ban on Muslims entering the US is facing much international criticism. However the criticism from Muslim countries has been somewhat muted. Certainly some Muslim countries are responding, notably Iran and Iraq are considering reciprocal bans (and Iran and Iraq teaming up on anything should be setting off red warning lights in the US state department that this was a very bad idea). But you’d expect the Muslim world to be uniting and threatening sanctions against the US.

Keep in mind that OPEC still controls 60% of the world’s oil supply. Contrary to popular myth, fracking has not led to the US becoming independent of OPEC. Its still tied into the global oil supply system, so if OPEC embargoed the US, pump prices in America would skyrocket and the Dow would fall off a cliff. And Middle Eastern oil is a type preferred for applications such as petrol and gasoline for cars.

But for the many autocratic regimes of the Muslim world, Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. He is the poster child for everything that is wrong with Western democracy. This helps them domestically by getting pro-democracy types off their back. And who knows, maybe Trump will destroy American democracy altogether, eliminating the main threat to many Middle Eastern regimes.

Of course for the sake of appearances Muslim leaders have to pretend to be angry and make a show of it, but otherwise do nothing. That’s pretty much Theresa May’s plan (funny how the UK is now in lock step with so many authoritarian regimes). After all this Muslim ban applies to “the little people” not the elites of the Arab world. Saudi princes can still take their shopping trips to NY on their private jets. Why none of them would ever commit an act of terrorism! I mean can you ever imagine a family member of a wealthy Saudi construction firm, who’d been brought up in a westernised setting, going away and becoming a terrorist?

Egyptians, the UAE and Turkey are also exempt, which is is just as well given how none of those 9/11 hijackers were from any of those countries…..on no wait, all but one of them were from Saudi Arabia, Egypt & the UAE! I would note that Trump has business interests in all those countries exempt, not that this is influencing his decision making in any way! And of course any terrorist will have the good sense and civic duty to tell the passport control people he’s a Muslim and not enter on a false passport, or lie and tell them he’s a Christian or something like that.

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