An election nobody wants



So May wants to have an early election, in one of the biggest political U-turns in recent history. We were assured for months that there would be no such thing, why the whole reason for the fix term parliament act, which the Tories brought in during the last parliament, was essential to ensure stability and continuity of government….which they now propose to ditch at one of the most critical moments in recent UK history (hence why the markets suddenly dropped today as result of this announcement).

However the massive Tory 20 point lead in the polls proved just too irresistible to ignore. But this polling lead is due to a key electoral asset the Tories possess – Jeremy Corbyn. The danger is that sometime between now and 2020, he’d be unseated. And the upcoming local elections, where its expected labour will do badly…

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One Response to An election nobody wants

  1. neilrieck says:

    Many people who voted to remain (re: BREXIT) have been wanting a do-over vote and I suspect this is the only way for Theresa May to prove she has a mandate. If she continues with BREXIT without a mandate -AND- something goes horribly wrong with the British economy, she will take the brunt of the blame even though others share much of the responsibility (Boris Johnston, Nigel Farage, Michael Gove, and perhaps David Cameron). Let’s be realistic: BREXIT could signal the final end of the British Empire where we all replace the phrase “Great Britain” with just “England” (and who wants that blemish beside their name in the history books?). Don’t worry about the current popularity polls; if they were right we wouldn’t be dealing with BREXIT or Trump.

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