Local election autopsy



With the local election results in, they make for grim reading for labour. They lost several mayoral election and 382 council seats. Should anyone doubt the disaster Corbyn is leading the party into, well here’s the evidence. Indeed you could tell it was bad by the fact that even before the counting had even started labour was already making excuses and had essentially already conceded defeat.

Firstly, the good news, UKIP were more or less wiped out, losing all but one of their seats. This to be honest isn’t that surprising, given that the Tories have spent the last few years turning themselves into UKIP. Voting for UKIP was always a protest, hence why they tended to do well in local elections or EU elections with low turn outs. However, once people had a UKIP councillor and realised what a total nob they’d voted for, they are…

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One Response to Local election autopsy

  1. neilrieck says:

    The same thing happened in Canada over the past few years. Our labour party (known as the NDP) was a good alternative to the Liberal Party but too many parties on the Left (this includes Green) were made irrelevant by a consolidation of parties on the right. Whenever you’ve got first-past-the-post, the smart voter has to choose carefully.

    p.s. I refer to myself as a “social-liberal & fiscal-conservative” which some refer to as a “Red Tory” or “Blue Liberal”. In Canada, people of my ilk voted PC (Progressive Conservative) but that party was absorbed by the Conservatives so now the choices are more binary (Liberal or Conservative).

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