Brexit….or how to lose friends and alienate allies



After six rounds the brexit talks are stalled. The Irish, frustrated with hearing Theresa May say one thing, Dave2 another and Boris something else, are threatening to veto any attempt to move onto trade talks unless they get a written guarantee of no hard border. Donald Tusk has given May a two week ultimatum to get Dave2 to pull his finger out of his butt and make some meaningful offer on the three core issues, citizens rights, trade and the divorce bill. Dave2 however argues that its all the EU’s fault. The EU he says is putting politics over prosperity, the UK has compromised enough now its the EU’s turn.

Well the thing is that the entire brexit enterprise amounts to putting politics over prosperity. And furthermore, the EU’s counter argument is that they have to stick to their guns, the short term hit they’d take from…

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3 Responses to Brexit….or how to lose friends and alienate allies

  1. neilrieck says:

    The biggest problem with politicians is this: “they will never admit they made a mistake and so will never change course”. BTW, I just heard “London is losing the European Medicines Agency to Amsterdam and the European Banking Authority to Paris”.

    • daryan12 says:

      I was watching something on the Vietnam war recently, which included actual tapes from conversations Kennedy and then later Johnson were having about Vietnam. Even then, before the gulf of Tonkin incident, they were of the view that going in was a terrible idea, there’s no way it could end well. But they still ordered troops in anyway, because they didn’t want to be accused of being soft on communism by the GOP or be seen to undertake a U-turn.

      As for the London agencies, yep that’s been on the cards since brexit was declared. The thing is the UK will either have to pay the EU to provide those services for us. Or set up our own agencies (and there’s about a dozen or more of them) to do the regulating for us (at a cost of a few billion a year no doubt). But again, don’t expect a rush of them looking to admit they’re wrong about brexit.

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