The sadopopulist agenda behind brexit


The EU looked on last week with incredulity and disbelief, as an agreement they’d thrashed out with Theresa May, which would have settled the first round of brexit talks was torpedoed at the eleventh hour, apparently by the DUP, a small fringe party in Northern Ireland. As I’ve mentioned in a prior post, the UK’s reputation is taking a battering from these brexit talks. To many in the EU it seems like the country is unable to make any sort of decision, even when you’ve got the PM in the room (remind me, when exactly did we elect Arlene Foster as PM?). As one German newspaper put it “Brexit is the biggest political nonsense since the Roman Emperor Caligula decided to appoint his favourite horse as consul”.

david-davis The EU showed up for talks on day one with well thumbed piles of documents, the British have one…

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3 Responses to The sadopopulist agenda behind brexit

  1. neilrieck says:

    If Britain wants to see how BREXIT will end then the people need to look to Norway (a country out of the EU but still in the trading zone). Norway is not at the table when negotiating new EU rules or laws; Norway still needs to pay a small tariff to get access to the EU market; Norway is still required to take non-European immigrants.

    • daryan12 says:

      I was actually in Norway at the time of the referendum. They couldn’t understand it. The only reason they aren’t in the EU, is because of fisheries, which is important to small northern ports. The major cities in the south of Norway would probably be better off in. And they pay per cap about 90% of what the UK pays. And at one point I was on a bus driven by a Chechen driver, with me & a few tourists and nearly everyone else were foreign workers. So ya it makes no sense.

      My guess is it will probably end up being closer to the Swiss model in the end. They’ll have to impose some sort of anti-migrant rules to placate the bigot brigade, then ignore the fact its not actually working.

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