Does anyone fancy a bespoke kebab?



So the EU has released its all to predicable terms for the transitional brexit deal, which has sent the brexiters off into a tizzy. Corbyn, meanwhile has had a rare attack of common sense and realised that being leader of the opposition means opposing Theresa May, not supporting her. So he’s aligned labour’s brexit policy to include staying in the common market and thus more in line with what the labour membership want and indeed what the majority of the country wants.


However, like Theresa May, Corbyn still wants the UK to be treated differently and thus he wants a “bespoke common market deal. We’ve seen numerous possible brexit options jettisoned. The Norway model, the Swiss model and even the Canada model fall by the way side. So we’re now down to the Turkey model for brexit. Or the kebab option as I suspect it…

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2 Responses to Does anyone fancy a bespoke kebab?

  1. neilrieck says:

    Modern Brits forget that one reason for joining the EU was the sky-high rate of inflation under Harold Wilson. Anyway, Theresa May recently said that Britain would not be part of a “customs union” (something Boris Johnson first mentioned to the press even through such a phase does not exist in EU docs) so most people are now waiting to hear if Britain will agree to be part of the EEA (or not).

    • daryan12 says:

      Currently no chance of that happening… a few years time after the full implications of not doing so is understood, probably it will be join the EEA (and become an EU member in all but name), rejoin the EU (under the terms of a new member), or the UK will break up, with Northern Ireland joining the south (and thus rejoining the EU) and Scotland becoming an independent member of the EU.

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