Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and the stolen elections of 2016



A story has been on the brew for sometime now about the extend to which big data and the use of what the intelligence agencies call “Psyop’s” played in both the EU referendum and the American presidential election. It has been alleged, something that seems to have crept under the radar of the mainstream media until now, that a company called Cambridge Analyticaused various psyop’s techniques to profile voters and target them with customised adds in order to sway them into voting one way or the other.

The law/regulatory agencies are such a joke the reality is that anybody who wanted to cheat the law could do it easily without people realising.” Dominic Cummings, head of the vote leave campaign

So for example, if a trawl of a persons Facebook profile led them to believe he was a bit neurotic, they’d bombard him with fake…

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2 Responses to Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and the stolen elections of 2016

  1. neilrieck says:

    I don’t understand the problem here. People have been using Facebook for over ten years now with out paying a penny. The old adage which says “if something is free then YOU are the product” should be on every one’s lips today. So it turns out that Cambridge Analytica is nothing more than a marketing firm that uses data and software to help their customers do marketing. The only difference here is that the market place was for your votes rather than your dollars. And what of Twitter? This platform allows people like Donald Trump to send all kinds of incorrect information to his followers (talk about fake news) but no one seems to care in this post-fact world (Facebook is also a purveyor of fake news). A decade earlier all information would have been vetted by newspaper editors but they were considered too expensive to employ in the modern internet world so now we have the current mess. It’s just the new normal.

    • daryan12 says:

      As someone who doesn’t use either Facebook or Twitter I tend to agree, indeed this is why I don’t use em, because I’ve always been suspicious of what they were doing with the personal data they harvest. However, the trouble is a lot of people have this crazy idea that just because they are in a darken room, they are anonymous on the internet, when of course you are not. And similarly they don’t pause to think, why am I being fed ads for xyz. So its a case of informing people of that and its implications, in which case nobody will probably use social media any more, or regulate it.

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