The trump whispering warmongering yahoo


Israeli president Netanyahu released a dodgy dossier, which accuses Iran of breaking the terms of its nuclear deal. Now there might be some substance to it yes, some investigation might be necessary, indeed one or two experts pointed out this is the whole reason why the Iran deal existed. However, call me sceptical, but I’d be little suspicious of the words of a president who has an ulterior motive to provoke a war. And it is more than a little ironic Israel lecturing Iran, when its an open secret that Israel has an arsenal of nuclear weapons.


The style of the presentation however indicated that it was directed at an audience of one. With prop’s and cue cards, this was clearly all laid on for the benefit of Trump. Netanyahu knows that Trump want to have a war to help deflect from the whole Russia investigation. His original…

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3 Responses to The trump whispering warmongering yahoo

  1. neilrieck says:

    Netanyahu’s evidence is even more sketchy than Colin Powell’s evidence of “weapons of mass destruction” presented to UN in 2003 to justify the attack on Iraq

    • daryan12 says:

      Agreed, plus there is a certain irony to Israel pointing the finger here when we all know they’ve got nuclear weapons too, which they’ve been secretly building. Personally I’d argue the whole region should be made WMD free, because its the most likely spot in the world where a nuclear exchange could start.

  2. Tom Marvin says:

    If you want to understand why Israel and the US have the strong war tendency, merely examine how they came into existence. Purely militaristic. Purely terrorism applied to peaceful local indigents. Invasion. Consequently, these same fears are embedded in the US/Israeli consciences. And after so many decades … when fear is completely unsupportable, we see the militarism is now actively woven into the societies. I say it is embedded evil.

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