The Southsea bubble: brexit edition



I joked before about how when the brexiters talk the talk aboutexciting” trade deals “in emerging markets” they don’t say where are these mysterious new markets. Timbuktu? Peru? El Salvador?….Well actually yes. The brexiters think that they can substitute trade with the largest single economy in the world, for trade with Latin America. Things I’ll say in jest, they’ll say with a straight face. Humour and satire are again being outrun by facts.

So, what’s wrong with this idea? Well firstly the South American economy is worth only about a quarter of that of the EU economy. And while the UK literally has a pipeline to the EU, via the channel tunnel, Latin America is the other side of the world…and on the other side of the inter-tropical convergence zone (if you’re a nervous flyer, you don’t want to fly to south…

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2 Responses to The Southsea bubble: brexit edition

  1. neilrieck says:

    The latest announcement from Theresa May is astounding. She is still trying to dupe brits into thinking an alternate EU exit scenario can be negotiated (which it cannot). You are either fully outside the EU trying to negotiate a controlled access (like Canada) or you pay to be part of the EU trading zone (like Norway). BTW, for this privilege, Norway must still abide by certain EU rules like accepting non-European refugees.

    • daryan12 says:

      I think the problem is that nobody understands May’s objective – survival. She’s one of the weakest PM’s in UK history, her ministers openly defying her on a daily basis, not just on brexit but pretty much everything else. So she’ll say whatever she has to to hold on to power for just another few days, then backtrack and say something completely different.

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