Brexit deal or no deal



Theresa May, aka the yellow submarine, is famous as a politician who doesn’t actually advocate any particular policies. Largely because she knows that any idea she comes up with is generally going to be a bad idea (e.g. the treatment of the Windrush or the dementia tax).

So its probably not a huge surprise to hear that her brexit trade policy has been criticised from both sides of the house, with both leavers and remainers arguing against it. Even Donald Trump turned his nose up at it. And its almost certain to be rejected by the EU. Its effectively been declared dead before the ink’s had a chance to dry.

And the Tories are now taking a pounding in the polls, slipping behind labour again, with a sharp rise in UKIP support (recall that in some marginal seats every vote for UKIP is effectively a vote for…

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5 Responses to Brexit deal or no deal

  1. neilrieck says:

    There have been allegations made about certain polling organizations affecting the BREXIT vote much in the same way a the POTUS vote in 2016. Now it might be hard to remove a president once he is sworn in, but BREXIT has not yet happened and the UK has the opportunity for a do-over vote. Jutine Greening proposed a second vote today and it was turned down by number 10.
    What is wrong with modern politicians? They stick to ideas (no matter how bad) and never admit error.

    • daryan12 says:

      While I’d like to see a 2nd vote, there would be practical problems with it, it would take 6 months to set up and there’s no way the brexiters (which includes Corbyn remember) would go along with that. And they have allies in certain neo-facist regimes in Hungary and Italy. All of the EU countries would have to approve an extension to brexit talks and they probably won’t do that.

      And the whole problem with the referendum was they asked a loaded dumb question and thus they got a dumb answer. What are the odds the same thing will happen again? Particularly as the Tories will control what the question is and they’ll word it such that they’re sure they’ll win.

      • daryan12 says:

        And as if to illustrate my point, May just survived a rebellion from her own party. Who was her saviour? The DUP? the hard brexiters? Nope labour pro-brexit MP’s? Is Corbyn going to sack them and threaten them with deselection? Of course not! Hell he’d have probably voted with them, only he’d have been voting against his own policy! He has by contrast sacked pro-EU MP’s for far less.

        He is, as the joke goes, the May’s chief Whip and one of the best allies a Tory government has ever had! With him in charge the odds of a 2nd referendum are pretty low.

        It might well be a case of letting brexit happen, try to limit the damage and then sit back and enjoy the fireworks (and telling the brexiters we told you so!).

  2. neilrieck says:

    People here might wish to watch this you-tube video titled “Brexit: the Disaster Movie!”

    • daryan12 says:

      A bit cruel but I had to laugh half way through that at the woman who said she assumed Cameron had a plan for what would happen if the country voted leave LOL(while rolling on the floor).

      Cameron’s plan was win the referendum then sack Boris. May’s plan has been to survive long enough to sack Boris & Hammond. Boris’s plan is to become PM and survive long enough to sack Gove & Hammond. Brexit? what makes you think that’s they’re problem?

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