Brexit: More or less


177763_600 Brexit greatest enemy? Maths!

Contrary to much expert opinion, it is argued by brexiters of the so called European Research Group that leaving the EU without any deal, a so called “hard brexit“, won’t be so bad. And in any event, it would make sense to play brinkmanship with the EU, to get the best deal. Hence they have argued for example that the UK should start to stockpile food to show we’re serious.

Any sort of delays at the border present massive problems due to the fact most UK factories operate on a Just in Time basis (where as little inventory as possible is kept by the factory, with supplies arriving “just in time”), notably the car industry. However, Brexiter Brenard Jenkin suggested that trucks should just leave several days early and so what if they end up stuck in a queue at Calais (which…

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2 Responses to Brexit: More or less

  1. neilrieck says:

    You would think that “the current level of uncertainty” coupled with “allegations of fake news sites affecting the vote” ( ) and “the preposterous claims made by Borris Johnson and Nigel Farage” would be enough to call for another poll. But this will never happen because politicians NEVER admit to making mistakes. Their personal honor comes is more important that any long term pain about to be forced upon rank-and-file British citizens.

    • daryan12 says:

      Politicians have honor? All they care about is themselves and gaining power for its own sake. I also reckon a lot of them are winging it most of the time.

      The reality, there was no grand strategy for brexit. The brexiters plan was just to win, then say whatever they have to say to stay in power. May’s plan is to just survive till the end of the week, which is then her objective for the following week!

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