Brexit means hypocrisy overload



I’ve mentioned before the phenomenon of right wing flip flop syndrome, but brexit just takes the biscuit. Its hypocrisy overload.

So let me get this straight. Theresa May wants the public to back her brexit deal (she’s writing a begging letter to us all apparently…I’ll be returning it to sender, as I’m just a filthy queue jumper anyway). But she’s still not going to give us a vote on her deal. The brexiters now admit that the UK will be better off in the EU, than accept the brexit deal that May negotiated. They campaigned for this on the slogan “take control” and now worry post-brexit the UK will be a vassal state. But we should trust them none the less that a leap off a cliff into the dark would be so much better.

Meanwhile the DUP, who also campaigned for brexit, want the laws…

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