The Founding Fallacies of Privatisation – University bankruptcies loom



For sometime I’ve been speculating about the consequences of the Tories/New labour defacto privatisation of universities. As a result, some universities haven gotten in way over their heads financially and its just a matter of time before one goes bust. But the government’s official policy is that there will be no bailouts of third level institutions. And, as can probably guess, the other week we learn that, contrary to this policy, a university WAS bailed out to the tune of nearly a million pounds.

As I’ve mentioned before, several universities in the UK are in dire financial straits. At least three uni’s were recently reported as being close to bankruptcy (living hand to mouth on short term credit), with one (presumably the one that was bailed out) already in talks with insolvency lawyers. This should not come as a surprise. Universities were encouraged by the…

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