Brexit: How a country lost its mind



I know I keep banging on about brexit, but the thing is it will directly impact people in the UK and beyond (the joke goes an Englishman, an Irishman, a Welshman, a Scot and an Ulsterman go into a bar, the Englishman decides to leave and all the rest have to as well) for decades to come, a reality a lot of people are very slow to wake up too.

For example, just this week the Irish government broke the glass on its emergency contingency plans for a no-deal brexit. They did this because they (and the EU) are responsible grown ups and, unlike May, they know they can’t simply wait and hide under their desk until the 28th of March, hoping a unicorn rides to their rescue.


Buried amongst the many provisions of this bill is a clause which means all UK driving license holders cannot drive in Ireland

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  1. colettebytes says:

    Er, I think you can get an international drivers permit (which is used in addition to your UK drivers license ), from major Post offices. Costs just ove £5.00 and valid for one year. We have always needed one for countries outside the EU. Very easy.

    • daryan12 says:

      No they aren’t a long term solution (they are intended for temporary visitors not residents), there are different IDP’s for different countries (you might need multiple to drive across the EU), they don’t settle the issue of insurance (which can even be more complicated), you have to apply in person for each one (not online as you imply) and take several weeks to process (again can the post office cope if over a million apply for them all at once).
      Also they don’t tackle any of the legal issues I raised. e.g. if a driver on an EU license runs over a kid while drunk I take you’re okay with the idea that he might walk away, without spending a day in jail, pay no fines, no penalty points, he can even hop straight into his car and drive away from court. Because it would seem that what you voted leave for.

  2. colettebytes says:

    I think it is early days… We haven’t seen any rules yet because Britain hasn’t left the EU yet.

    When we needed a permit to drive in Thailand and other parts of Asia, we simply went to our city Post Office, filled out a one sided form, paid our money, gave one passport photo which was stuck into the permit and stamped. It took 10 minutes. They are good for a year of driving anywhere. You are being overly dramatic. You can be sure that anyone drunk driving or killing people will pay whatever penalty is applicable in whatever country. No one, except diplomats, drives with diplomatic immunity.

    People have been driving in non EU countries for years without the kind of restrictions you are talking about. We have rented cars in all sorts of places as easily as we can in the UK.
    If someone lives for more than a year anywhere, they have to get a licence, safety certificates (Mot) and insurance for the country of residence, regardless of whether it is in the EU or not.
    As for insurance driving abroad, usually on any sort of UK policy, that is for a maximum of 6 months (but usually 3 months) as long as you have requested it and received confirmation on your car insurance renewal. It is not automatic for every policy.

    If you are going to accuse your readers of poor understanding of the issues, then you won’t get many comments. I have better things to do than argue about non-issues. And I don’t actually think that this is an issue.

    If I am proved wrong, then so be it, but I am not going to live in fear of what Brexit or No Brexit, will do to my life.
    Rules constantly change and despite appearances, the average person has little to no say (I know, I’ve tried enough times). We just have to get on with living as best we can.

    And if you want an issue that is going to make a bigger impact on how we all live, try Climate Warming. That is something else we can’t change very easily (if at all). That is definitely going to give us a much bigger problem.

    • daryan12 says:

      “If you are going to accuse your readers of poor understanding of the issues…”
      As I think you demonstrate, your understanding of the issues, like so many leavers, is woefully inadequate but you’re too arrogant to admit it.

      “You can be sure that anyone drunk driving or killing people will pay whatever penalty is applicable in whatever country”
      Ya, but the thing is you have to catch them first, criminals don’t rarely wander into police stations and admit their guilt. You’ll need to obtain licensing or number plate data from other EU states (and as I pointed out they have different standards for what counts as evidence, speed camera data for example, will almost certainly be dismissed unless it includes a clear view of the suspect’s face at the wheel of the car). If the suspect absconds on bail (which is likely), then an arrest warrant will need to be issued in an EU state and there’s no guarantee they’ll comply. In fact several test cases have already been held, where judges have blocked the transfer of such information or extraditions. This has included quite serious cases, including tax dodgers and murders walking free.

      Now while those have generally been overturned by Strasbourg on appeal (there’s an irony!) one has to point out that: A) Brexit hasn’t happened yet, the main reason for these appeals succeeding was the court ruled it was speculative to decide what brexit meant before it happens. B) we can’t refer every little thing to the European court, because sooner or later they are going to say no, particularly if there’s a no deal brexit. C) Its generally accepted by legal experts that the solution here is new bilateral agreements, building on the withdrawal agreement, but given parliament’s failure to pass that agreement, there’s no guarantee that will happen (recall one of the reasons for brexit is the fat cats what to reduce the chances of them being extradited for tax avoidance, you really think they’ll be keen to sign up to new such laws?).

      “We have rented cars”
      There’s a world of a difference between renting a car on holiday (which daddy’s paying for), and what the rest of us in the real world have to put up with. E.g. a manufacturer has a machine on the fritz, they need to get a repair guy in from Germany along with all his tools, or some parts over from the EU. They can’t stop production for 2-3 weeks while all of the driving license/insurance/customs declarations are cleared. That would kill most small businesses. Even larger firms stopping production for just an hour can cost them millions. That happens a few times and soon they’ll be moving the factory overseas.

      One of the reasons why I want to drive in both countries is that I have elderly relatives, who live in rural areas (so public transport isn’t necessarily an option) and I’ll need to get back in a hurry to help if they get sick (or if there’s a funeral or something). I might have to do so in under 24 hrs. I can’t afford to wait 2-3 weeks for a bunch of paper work to clear. And why should my life be turned upside down because some sweaty red face gammons are racist against polish people!

      “And if you want an issue that is going to make a bigger impact on how we all live, try Climate Warming”
      LOL, brexit basically means that issues like climate change, poverty, public services, etc, are now at the bottom of the political agenda and will remain so for at least a decade. The politicians, regardless of who is in charge, will be too busy cleaning up the mess (not to mention the economic implications meaning reduced tax revenue, so less money to pay for things) to do much else.

  3. stock says:

    The driver license issue is a totally imaginary and unnecessary “pain”. The EU is a construct of the Globalists as a way to divy up the world into controllable pieces. This with the forced migration, to make it all suck and destroy national pride, is essential to “their” strategy.

    • daryan12 says:

      The diving license issue is far from imaginary. Brexit brings about several real and serious legal consequences, notably that criminals will now be harder to catch and may get away with crimes.

      So the “globalist” (which last I checked was far right code word for “Jews”….Ill assume your a member of Corbyn’s labour party so!) want to carve up the world into controllable pieces. Here’s a thought, won’t it be easier then to just break the UK away from the EU then? That would make it easier to control…of course the only difference is that this is not far from what happened, only its Russian trolls and their allies in the far right (who ironically call themselves “nationalists”, “traitors” would seem a better word to describe them) who helped bring it about.

      “Forced migration” So you’re saying the nice polish plumber who fixed my boiler was forced to come here, he didn’t just do it because he had a British girlfriend or something (maybe she’s a “globalist” spy LOL). And how do a few polish food shops and chicken tikka masala destroy national pride? Again, I think the brexiteers are doing a pretty good job of that at the moment.

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