Michael Foot 2.0: Corbyn’s political obituary



Given the likely election results I thought it would be a good idea to jump the gun and maintain my tradition of publishing politician’s political obituary’s in advance.

And his supporters no doubt will make the usual excuses. The media is bias against him! And while yes this is true , but the media have always been biased against a labour leader! Back 1997 I recall they even tried to portray Tony Blair as some sort of left wing loon (mostly by reminding everybody that Corbyn etal were also members of the labour party!) who would “destroy the union”. Its all the fault of the Blairites, lib dems or Greens for not getting behind the judean people’s front Corbyn! They offered him a deal not to stand in key seats (if he did the same) which he said no to. And labour spent most of the campaign…

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