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Bourgeoisie Bunkers

This may seem a somewhat ominous article given the times, but with many of the world’s elites retreating to their bolt holes, perhaps it is topically. For, if you are rich, one of the things to own these days is … Continue reading

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The Coronavirus and the failings of populism

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So like me, I suspect most readers have by now been confined by Covid. But I think its important we understand how we got here. I enquired in a prior post as to whether dumb anti-vax,…

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Fossil Fuel phaseout in Germany: A case study

I came across an interesting documentary here from Australian TV regarding Germany’s phase out of coal. It is definitely worth a look. Mention Germany’s growth in renewables (currently contributing 46% of Germany’s electricity) and inevitably someone will bring up the … Continue reading

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The chickens come home to roost for populism

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I’ve not talked much about the Coronavirus as I was waiting until it was clear whether or not it would go viral (if you’ll pardon the pun). Outbreaks like this do happen, we had SARS back…

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