The truth about the blitz


3FA66F8800000578-4450856-image-a-7_1493285205916 Britain underwent a crime wave during the war years

The government is trying to encourage what it calls “the blitz spirit”. However, I think this shows that yet again, many of these posh Etonians have a warped (and dangerous) view of history. If anything the history of the blitz hints at some worrying likely trends, as regards the current lockdown.

One of the often forgotten facts about the UK during the blitz is how there was a massive spike in crime. Rates of reported crime went up at least 57%. And, to be clear, that’s just reported crimes (the worse the police are at catching criminals, the less likely people are to report crime) so the actual rates were probably much higher, perhaps as much as double the pre-war crime rates.

Part of the problem with the blitz was that the blacked out streets made it…

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