Why Cummings ain’t going anywhere



So the Tory government has now descended into farce. If we are to take the government at its word, driving 60 miles with suspect eyesight (with a kid in the back) to Barnard’s Castle is an acceptable means to test ones eyesight. In the middle of a press conference last week the health secretary toyed with idea of amending laws as he went along (without any parliamentary approval or judicial review). The law, not to mention scientific advice, is being bent and contorted to save the job of a special adviser.

To say this is dangerous is an understatement. Firstly it amounts to the imposition of arbitrary law, where the laws are written not by parliament but on the fly by ministers, often retroactively to cover themselves and the elites. And the law’s interpretation is now also made by minsters, not courts and judges.


The dangers inherent…

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