Lock them up

My only concern, when Trump was hospitalised, is that it raised the risk of him dying before he can be arrested. It is a known fact that Trump has committed numerous crimes in office (and before entering office) ranging from tax fraud, embezzlement, voter fraud, abuse of office, civil rights violations, and that’s before we get onto the more serious potential charges of treason and conspiracy charges (often times in politics covering up a scandal is seen as worse than the actual crime, hence why Nixon was impeached for what would otherwise be considered a fairly minor offence).

And its not just Trump, its his much of his cabinet, most notably Bill Barr (who should really do more time for his crimes than Trump) and several members of his family, such as Jared Kushner and Ivanka. The democrats have been aware of these crimes, but are too focused on playing political games to advance action seriously enough. If they win the election and get control of the senate they need to take action and launch investigations.

To allow this monstrosity to stand will simply be a signal to the alt-right & republicans that they can do their worst and get away with it. For the sake of US democracy he and his allies have to be punished and be seen to be punished. Otherwise you can then be guaranteed that the next republican president will be something even more awful than Trump.

And if the left don’t see action, then you’re eventually going to end up with another set of left wing populist demagogues emerging on the left, who will make Bernie or AoC look mild by comparison (in truth, while both are fairly left wing by current US standards, they are only moderately centre-left by global standards). And, given that the GoP will have set a precedent that you can do nasty stuff and get away with it, you can bet your bottom dollar any hard left populist will not hesitate to abuse office in the same way Trump has done (just look at some of those in South America, such as the Peronists or Bolivarans).

Then we have reports that alt-right groups have infiltrated the police. Some of these groups, such as the proud boys or the boogaloo movement, have been labelled as potential security threats by the FBI. So I’d make it official, declare them terrorist groups and sent masked unidentified men to arrest them, much like Trump did in Portland to protesters, and haul them off to Gitmo for a nice long water boarding (this would force the GOP to either nod in agreement and break with the far right, or they’d have to seek new laws preventing this, which would neuter the threat of any future republican president doing what Trump did).

And this is hardly a unique situation. There is the case study of the former FBI chief Edgar Hoover. While action wasn’t taken until after he died (this was before Watergate might you), there was a congressional investigation that looked into his abuse of power and criminal acts. This produced a number of important changes to how intelligence and law enforcement agencies operated (which are probably the only reason the US isn’t a Trump dictatorship right now).

Granted there’s a bit of a difference, but it is certainly possible and reasonable to investigate Trump and his associates. And I’d extend that to his appointees as well, notably his Supreme court picks. For Trump is more of an accessory to a decades long plan by the republicans to rig the supreme court with activist judges who will place their own politics above the law. This risks making the Supreme court as bigger threat to US democracy than Trump.

But my concern is that the democrats are basically a party of left wingers (to varying degrees of course), led by a bunch of right wingers with some vaguely left wing sympathies (I think this sketch from Spitting Image kind of sums up the modern democratic party rather well). Much as they’ve done in the past, they’ll turn a blind eye to GOP law breaking, tell them they are very naughty boy’s but otherwise do nothing about it. Which just means they’ll get nowhere. Doesn’t matter what Biden Mr Vanilla has in his manifesto, the republicans will use their control of the supreme court or senate to block it and he’ll just shrug his shoulders and say aw shucks!

Which just means sooner or later we’ll get another Trump again, possibly as soon as 2024, who will be even more awful and do even more damage. And, as noted, sooner or later the left will lose patience, they will start to reject mainstream democratic candidates and drift towards their own left wing demagogues (who will eventually take over the democratic party, much like how the tea party took over the GOP). So it will be a choice each election between a right wing nutter and a left wing nutter.

And this could well be Trump ultimate legacy (and Biden’s too if he’s not careful). To turn America into a failed state. That is the price America will pay if they let his and the republican’s crimes go unpunished.

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