The Sith calling the Jedi Darth

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So there was a bit of a raucous over the last week when Gina Carano (who plays Cara Dune on the Mandalorian) was dropped by Lucasfilm over several ill-advised tweets she sent. These included, support for Trump, disputing the outcome of the election and references to the holocaust. She was also dropped by her talent agency.

This caused an immediate outcry as many accused Lucasfilm of censorship. Well, yes and no. There is expressing your opinion and then their is spreading rumours and lies (otherwise known as disinformation). So for example, its okay to express your opinion that climate change isn’t happening, but its a lie to say there is any significant disagreement among scientists into whether or not its happening. You can be upset that Biden won, but its a lie (and both undemocratic and un-American) to claim voter fraud allowed Biden to steal the election (if anyone was trying to steal the election it was Trump!).

As for this holocaust business, and where are the concentration camps to which all the Republicans are being sent? Where are the gas chambers? How many of them are dying a day in these facilities? Actually the only equivalent facilities in the US are Trump’s migrant detention centres and the leading cause of death in the US is currently covid due to his and the republican’s incompetent handling of the pandemic (more Americans killed in a year than died in the 4 years of world war 2). So this is just hate speech.

Its no different to the sort of tactics Islamic terrorists use to radicalise their followers into committing acts of terror. They feed people such lies, brainwash them into a frenzy, practically drive them to the front door of the target and then act all shocked and deny any responsibility when the run in and commit an atrocity. This is pretty much what went down in DC when Trump provoked a crowd to attack the capital.

And I bring this up because this was likely the concern for Lucasfilm and Disney’s lawyers. Suppose one of her hot headed fans runs off (with his gun) and shoots up a federal building? That gets back to us (and similar incidents happened during the Trump administration), we’re screwed. She’s going to end up in a big orange jump suit. And once the media and the FBI are through with us, we’re going to have to pay out millions in compensation and will probably never be able to make another star wars movie/TV series ever again.

Furthermore there is a case of the pot calling the kettle black here. The right are very quick to complain when its their rights being undermined (look at brexiters whinging because the border controls they asked for applies to them and not just foreigners). They want freedom of speech for themselves, but the right to censor anyone else.

So for example, we have had supporters of BLM being punished by their employers for showing support for the cause. Then there were the athletes who took the knee against racism. Did the right support these actions? No they wanted them all fired. And then we have the stark contrast between largely peaceful BLM protests being met by heavy handed force, sometimes by unidentified federal agents (literally a secret police force), yet right wing protesters can wander around with their guns, or even shoot people, or invade the capital building and face a more muted police response. If they face any police response at all.

As for online activity, well its been quite normal for those from on the left to face censorship. Which is a bigger problem given how massively bias the media is towards the right. Case in point one youtuber made a video pointing out the historic activities of the CIA and how such actions would now be considered support for terrorism. This not only prompted a take down of the video (although he’s managed to get it re-instated, it now comes with a warning about it being inappropriate content) but a visit from homeland security. Another youtuber made a science video questioning the claims of various right wing anti-mask advocates. And again it was taken down. I didn’t hear any complaints from the right about any of this up until the point where Trump and the far right started getting banned.

In short the message to the right is, this is your bed now lie in it. You were the ones who decided that an employee’s employment can be terminated over their political views. You decided that there is basically no limit on police brutality and government surveillance. You decided that its okay for the tech giants to censor their websites as they please. This was your idea, grow a pair and own it (there’s a certificate below for you to fill in and keep).

If you truly believe these polices should be reversed, then you should not be supporting the republican party (they are and always will be the party of the plutocrats) and you should be calling for Trump (and his officials) impeachment and prosecution.

Have you ever heard the tale of Darth Kennedy the woke?

Of course the other factor here is the civil war ongoing within Lucasfilm and Star Wars between the factions loyal to Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy and those loyal to Jon Favreau the producer in charge of the Mandalorian.

Many of the Favreau faction accuse the Kennedy faction of being too woke (and when you go woke , you go broke, or so they say). I’ve had a go at woke myself (there are inevitably extremists on the left who will abuse such things as much as those on the right), but I’d argue that actually the problem with the Kennedy faction is that they are sh*te at making movies. Seriously, I’ve only paid to see one movie in the new Star Wars franchise and that was the Force Awakens (or maybe it should be called this forces me to fall asleep). I may have caught the odd other one on a long distance flight (which I would have typically fallen asleep in the middle of), but that’s about it. If anything, this woke business is probably a desperate attempt by her and her minions to give some reason for audiences to attend their increasingly boring and plotless movies.

The problem is that Kennedy has a Sith power of her own, she might be crap at her job but she’s very good at office politics. She’s achieved this by hiring writers and producers more for their ability to strengthen her position rather than their ability to make good movies (as they are loyal to her but otherwise useless at everything else…bit like the Trump cabinet really). And where their knowledge of star wars is limited to whatever they managed to google on their way into to work on their first day.

Normally this would mean that anyone in Kennedy’s position would either be fired pretty quickly or have the good sense to quit while they were ahead. However Disney, aware that ousting Kennedy is going to get messy, haven’t done so. Equally she doesn’t want to go because she knows how sh*te she is. And, after the mess she’s made in Lucasfilm, she knows that no other studio would dream of hiring her for so much as a mop job.

So Star wars and Lucasfilm finds itself in this strange situation where anything the Kennedy faction proposes gets vetoed by Disney, as they fear it will be another Hans Solo (as in the audience will consist of one guy on his own called Hans). While anything the Favreau faction proposes tends to get green lit, even thought he’s technically her junior.

This has let to many star wars fans taking sides. And perhaps falling for the ways of the dark side. You are either with Gina Carano or you are with Kennedy (or visa versa). Well, need I remind you, only a sith thinks in absolutes. The reality is you can be appalled at the awful job Kennedy and her minions are doing, but equalled respect the fact there is a certain stopped clock element to them firing Gina Carano.

And if you think this is censorship then you need to look beyond a single case in isolation. The day Fox News and the WSJ gives Bernie Sanders his own show/weekly column is the day I’ll believe the right aren’t just massive hypocrites.

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