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Is Hydrogen really so dangerous?

My mum hasn’t been feeling too well recently, and she’s had to start using Oxygen. Thus when I was over in Ireland a couple of weeks ago I had to get familiar with the use of oxygen tanks. It led … Continue reading

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Why things change…..Hyperloop

This is another in a series of semi-regular pieces I do in which I try and set out what science and engineering can achieve and what it can’t do. In short, try and sort out science fact from science fantasy. … Continue reading

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Blackout Paranoia

Here in the UK had a programme on Channel 4 the other week “Blackout”, which asked the question, what if the UK’s power grid went through a major failure? I watched it out of hope that it would attempt to … Continue reading

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Why things change….3D printing

This is the 2nd in a semi-regular series I’ve started doing “why things change and why they stay the same”, in which I will focus on a particular topic or theme and explain what technology can a achieve, where’s its … Continue reading

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