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How grids will cope with electric cars

A few months ago (in the before times), the UK government’s BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) taskforce released a report that presented both the benefits and challenges of transitioning road transport over to electric vehicles. Given that the media tended to … Continue reading

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The Americanisation of UK politics

Originally posted on daryanblog:
Some of the UK government policies in recent weeks have seemed baffling. Not just the usual cronyism (with Cummings drinking buddies getting lucrative no-bid contracts for stuff they aren’t qualified to do) and incompetence….and that’s before…

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Conservatives unmasked

Republicans have been rather comically freaking out over the big bad gov’mint forcing them to wear masks, inventing various health reasons from their Facebook echo chamber to justify this stance (and of course Trumpbook Facebook is doing nothing to stop … Continue reading

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