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The case for space – Part 3: Martian delusions

I previously discussed the idea of colonising space as a possible solution to climate change and a future resource crunch. I think the conclusion would be that its not really a feasible solution. Yes, I have no doubt space exploration … Continue reading

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Space a sustainability solution – Part 2: Living on the high frontier

In the previous post on this topic I outlined the general problems regarding space propulsion. In this article I’ll be looking at the problems of living and working in space, and the logistical challenges that this presents. Motivations and costs … Continue reading

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Space a sustainability solution? A critical review

One could characterise the whole environmental debate, or the debate about issues like peak oil or overpopulation as all boiling down to one key issue – resources, or lack thereof. We live on a single planet, which has only a … Continue reading

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Aviation: the green stuff – coming soon to an airfield near you

Solar Impulse recently completed the first ever circumnavigation using a solar powered aircraft. So it might be an appropriate time to review the options as regards alternative fuelled aircraft. A long standing assumption of many has been that given the very … Continue reading

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Shipping and Carbon emissions

One of the problems with carbon emissions is that certain sources of said emissions are often invisible to us. There is as it were a herd of carbon elephants in the room which we tend to ignore because we can’t … Continue reading

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Formula Student and Electric Vehicles

I forgot over the summer to put up a post commenting on the formula student competition held in July this year at Silverstone in England. So I thought, as I’ve the time over Christmas, to correct that omission. Formula student, … Continue reading

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A Global report card for renewables

Its that time of year (or it was just before I started writing this) when we lecturers get all the results, have our autumn exam board meetings and as it were, “rank and yank” students (decide whose done enough to … Continue reading

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