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Energy Monopolies

One of the things I’ve long liked about renewables is the fact that they are infinitely scalable. They can go from a GW scale array of wind turbines or a dam, right the way down to a solar panel or … Continue reading

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Shipping and Carbon emissions

One of the problems with carbon emissions is that certain sources of said emissions are often invisible to us. There is as it were a herd of carbon elephants in the room which we tend to ignore because we can’t … Continue reading

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Out UKIP’ing UKIP and Mr Blobby

On my personal blog I recently discussed the electioneering tactics of the Conservative party as they prepare for the next election. One recent ploy has been to recognise that a Tory party of grey haired old white guys wasn’t terribly appealing … Continue reading

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With friends like these, who needs enemies!

I’ve been my usual busy self over the summer, both with holidays and of course work commitments so not been the most active blogger. One of those distractions over the summer included attending an event hosted by the UK nuclear industry (with … Continue reading

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