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Debunking right wing myths – migration, jobs and wages

A common myth of those on the right, one even some on the left fall for, is that immigrants compete against locals for jobs and help push down wages. Neither is entirely correct and indeed restricting immigration can end up … Continue reading

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The danger of scamcoins

Originally posted on daryanblog:
I’ve talked quite a lot about online scams as well as cryptocurrencies recently. So what happens when they collide? You get the mother of all ponzi schemes! And unfortunately there are now several examples of fake…

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When project fear became project-we-told-you-so

t From my other blog…… So we have a crisis, building since January, that’s finally reached a point where even a biased media can’t hide the truth any more, forcing the government into damage limitation mode. Which predictably involves using … Continue reading

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Brexit means…conceding sovereignty to Australia

I’ve long warned the dangers of the brexit mentality, or more precisely the dangerous world view that drives it. And the recent fiasco over nuclear subs highlights why. The UK has managed to convenience Australia and the US to stitch … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: anatomy of a fool’s errand

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The algorithm’s running social media seem to be getting darn smart. Because just the other day, 55 days: the fall of Saigon popped into my feed. And to say this is eerily similar to events in…

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The paradox of sustainability

One of the obstacles to sustainability can be human nature. Scientists and engineers have a habit of seeing everything as a numbers game. If we reduce the carbon footprint of something by X amount an apply that across the board … Continue reading

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Bitcoin crackdown

Reblogged from my other site. Discussing the crackdown against crypto currencies by several governments. Continue reading

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The Musk delusion

I’ve critiqued a number of Musk’s projects before, but I think we need to be a bit more direct. Quite simply is Musk entirely the full shilling? Is he the real life Tony Stark the fan boys seem to think, … Continue reading

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Internet gangs of the 2020’s

I did a post a couple of months back about contrepreneurs & fake gurus selling doggy courses or get-rich-quick schemes (which of course are just scams intended to rob you blind). But if anything, I barely scratched the surface. There … Continue reading

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Pyongyang on the Thames

I came across a documentary from French TV about the North Korean “Ghost Fleet” of fishing vessels. Large fleets of North Korean fishing boats have been raiding the fishing grounds of neighbouring countries, most notably making intrusions into Russian waters, … Continue reading

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