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Grenfell tower update

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Cladding samples are being taken away for testing across the UK Given recent events I think an update was needed on the Grenfell fire situation as events have moved rather quickly. As I wrote my last…

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Grenfell tower fire

A fire in the Grenfell tower complex in London, which has left an estimated 58 dead has shocked the UK, leading to protests, as well as exposing the deep divisions that exist between the have nots and have loads in the London … Continue reading

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So much for strong and stable!

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Its laughable this morning. Here we have Mrs strong and stable herself (I can’t write that while keeping a straight face), who undertook an election at the worse possible time, not because the country needed one,…

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Election update

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As I mentioned before, its clear that labour is doing rather better than expected. However this isn’t so much because Corbyn is some sort of political genius, more because “chicken” May is screwing the campaign up.…

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Blogging catchup

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I’m just back from a trip overseas on business, so I thought it would be a good idea to catchup. Trump pulls out of Paris climate treaty It was perhaps inevitable that Trump would pull out…

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Hydrogen Woo

As a follow up to my article on scam water devices, I thought it would be useful to do one on hydrogen and water powered cars. One of the problems with being involved in renewable energy research, in particular fuel … Continue reading

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Vegan Carnage

They have a Vegan movie out on the BBC Carnage, by Simon Amstell. A mockmentary, it imagines a UK in 2067 where the whole country is vegan, meat is banned, but older generations are suffering the guilt of their carnivorous past. … Continue reading

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