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Boris nukes

A few weeks back Boris Johnson made reference to how the UK would shortly be building mini fusion reactors, courtesy of a generous grant of UK government funding (and thus brexit wasn’t going to be the disaster to UK science … Continue reading

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Another election nobody wants

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Just before the EU referendum result in 2016 it looked likely we’d having an election in Ireland, as there was only a minority government who couldn’t really survive a no confidence vote. That didn’t happen and…

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Brexit and the game of dolts

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Brexit seems to becoming a byword for foolishness and folly as well as deceit and betrayal. And we need only look at the strategies being pursued by Corbyn and Johnson for proof of that. Both appear…

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Nihilistic rebellion

This last week George Monbiot (the same person who was convinced by Fukushima to support Hinkley C and that brexit wouldn’t be so bad…even thought all talk of preserving environmental standards and workers rights has now been moved to the … Continue reading

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The age of snakeoil

The internet has brought many benefits. But it also has created many problems. And probably top of those problems is the ease with which bad ideas can quickly proliferate. Its all too easy to create a slick advertising campaign for … Continue reading

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The downgrading of the UK’s shale gas potential

While school protests about climate change under way and the country in chaos over brexit, fracking has quietly restarted in the UK…leading to more earthquakes. But a recent report from a pair of UK academics has cast doubt on the … Continue reading

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Why has no other country tried to leave the EU?

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I had an interesting conversation the other day with someone from another EU country (Holland) and it led to something of a thought experiment. Why has no other country ever tried to leave the EU? I…

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