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Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and the stolen elections of 2016

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A story has been on the brew for sometime now about the extend to which big data and the use of what the intelligence agencies call “Psyop’s” played in both the EU referendum and the American presidential…

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How to breach Trump’s wall

Trump inspected prototype’s of his proposed Mexican border wall this week. During this there was this strange bit of theatre where a group of supposed “special forces” tried to climb it but couldn’t get over it. I mean I do … Continue reading

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Car clubs

I lost my wee car to an engine bay fire just before Christmas. Rather than buying a new one (I don’t drive alot anyway so I couldn’t really justify the expense), I’ve joined a car club instead. So I thought I’d do … Continue reading

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Does anyone fancy a bespoke kebab?

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So the EU has released its all to predicable terms for the transitional brexit deal, which has sent the brexiters off into a tizzy. Corbyn, meanwhile has had a rare attack of common sense and realised…

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Arming teachers

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So we have another school shooting in America. And Trump and the NRA’s solution? Arm teachers! Because as the graph below clearly shows more guns equals less gun violence (if you’re not seeing that you aren’t republican…

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The real reason why Republicans oppose gun regulation

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As always in America, gun violence continues and all republicans offer are their thoughts and prayers, as well as disinformation. There’s no way more gun regulation will work they say. The best way to stop a…

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My get out of jail free card, courtesy of brexit

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An interesting ruling has been made by the Irish supreme court which has some far reaching implications. Basically, an Irish citizen, who ran a business in the UK but is now back in Ireland, is being…

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