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News roundup

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The 2nd longest suicide note in history The Republican national convention is currently kicking off and things aren’t off to a great start. The cops are calling for the state’s open carry law to be suspended…

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Department of Energy & Climate Change axed

I’ve been warning for quite sometime that a Brexit vote would be a disaster for the environment. By and large there is a strong correlation with voting leave and climate change denial and other anti-scientific beliefs. Of course others, such as … Continue reading

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The beast that will not die

Often a big news event is the time people try to bury bad news. Here’s a few you might have missed. However another story that some may have missed is that the DECC has raised its estimate for the cost … Continue reading

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Austerity off – but not the pain

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Boris has suggested in a recent article that we should think of the positives of brexit. Well okay, for starters he’s not going to be PM, his two Bullingdon buddies Cameron & Osborne will also be joining…

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