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Arming teachers

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So we have another school shooting in America. And Trump and the NRA’s solution? Arm teachers! Because as the graph below clearly shows more guns equals less gun violence (if you’re not seeing that you aren’t republican…

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The real reason why Republicans oppose gun regulation

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As always in America, gun violence continues and all republicans offer are their thoughts and prayers, as well as disinformation. There’s no way more gun regulation will work they say. The best way to stop a…

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My get out of jail free card, courtesy of brexit

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An interesting ruling has been made by the Irish supreme court which has some far reaching implications. Basically, an Irish citizen, who ran a business in the UK but is now back in Ireland, is being…

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What the Dickens are they up too

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I’ve long accused the Tories of trying to take the UK back to the Victorian era. However, already the UK is starting to resemble a Dickensian novel, where the poor are downtrotten and robber baron fat…

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